About Us

We believe technology is most beneficial to a business when it’s deployed and managed with an industry-specific context. With our straightforward, creative and flexible approach we will deliver a solution that solves even the most complex IT challenges.

Part of a Distinguished Heritage

As a Perot company, we’re part of a heritage that dates to our industry’s founding. We’re guided by a board of managers, advisory board and executive leadership team who have built and operated outstanding services businesses. It’s a team committed to delivering value for customers, running our business with distinction, being a great place to build a career and contributing to the community.

Values that Guide Us

Mutual Trust & Respect – We honor the golden rule of treating each other as we want to be treated, as it’s foundational to our company’s relationships within and between all our stakeholders.


Integrity – We hold each other to unquestionable standards of honesty and ethics in words and actions and operate with transparency.


Courage – We encourage each other to be bold, take the initiative and demonstrate an infectious can-do attitude to change the status quo.


Teamwork – We seek outstanding individuals who thrive in a collaborative environment, believe teamwork is a force-multiplier and want to have fun.

Leadership – We will inspire and lead each other to greatness and overcome any obstacles that may stand in our way, regardless of role. Our leaders are part of the team, not separate and above.


Achievement – We will be driven to deliver reliable and predictable results on all our commitments.


Accountability – We will hold ourselves, individually and collectively, accountable for adherence to our values and all other commitments we make.


Adaptability – We will demonstrate the flexibility and agility needed to succeed in a world of complexity, ambiguity and change.

Meet the Team

Get acquainted with our leaders that help clients achieve continuous success in their IT and overall business operations. All being unified by GuideIT’s core values, our leaders are ready to redefine IT services and help companies do technology right.

Recognized for Building a Great Business