Accelerating The Pace of Business, While Optimizing Expense Through Business Intelligence

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A leading specialty chemicals firm engaged GuideIT to digitally-enable its business to accelerate the pace of decision-making, increase efficiency, and eliminate the need for a custom data warehouse.

With multiple disparate systems, ready access to critical business measures was a growing challenge.  The need to understand, in real-time, the customer, sales, inventory, supply chain, and financial information, as well as associated key business performance indicators that required the integration of such information, was a critical business objective.  Achieving this  critical business objective in a cost effective manner was an additional challenge.      



  • Deployed real-time dashboards which provided sales analytics, inventory and supply chain key performance indicators and  financial measures and analytics
  • Provided a path to cost efficiency by eliminating the need for a data warehouse and automating manual processes and reporting
  • Accelerated the pace of decision-making by providing real-time information to key business leaders
  • Expanded the number of business constituents with ready access informationsider threats