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Leading hospitals and healthcare systems partner with GuideIT to achieve critical IT objectives.

As a Perot Company, GuideIT has been committed to delivering excellent customer experience with the highest integrity since 2013.

Increase IT Efficiency And Satisfaction

We specialize in optimizing IT for providers. Our IT Solutions improves service delivery & user satisfaction while optimizing costs

Since 2013, Guide IT has been helping hospitals and health systems improve user satisfaction and service quality while reducing costs.

As a top healthcare IT company, we are committed to delivering excellent customer experience with the highest integrity and service quality, producing outstanding business results.

Curious to find out how your organization can improve service delivery and user experiences while reducing costs?  

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How does GuideIT help your IT teams deliver more value to your healthcare org?

Boost End User Satisfaction

Give your physicians and users the experience they want and get instant feedback with CSAT Surveys for every ticket.

Increase First Call Resolution

Cut down on escalations when tickets are resolved on the first call.

Drive Down Service Desk Costs

Reduce cost of resolution with automation, self-service and a “shift left” approach of resolving tickets at lower-cost channels.

Leverage a Data-Driven Approach

Continually improve your service desk with the right mix of analytics and reporting to create better user and business outcomes.