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Chemical Engineering Firm Hires GuideIT to Open a Path to Interoperability, Better Visibility to Data

Plano, TX – August 3, 2016 – GuideIT today announced that it has signed a contract to provide application consulting services utilizing its IREV information interoperability approach. Businesses using IREV unlock information in disparate systems and are able to apply business rules to achieve information-based outcomes.

With a redesign in its IT architecture and the roll-out of an integration platform, the chemical engineering firm will have the opportunity to reduce cost by rationalizing applications and increasing inter-application data flow.  GuideIT will also build a series of operational and sales visualizations to support the customer’s business objectives.

“Challenges with interoperability across technologies often stall and sometimes prevent the achievement of critical business objectives”, said Frank Avignone, Senior Director for IT Interoperability & Analytics. “Those challenges can now be overcome with a strong set of offerings based upon integration, rules and workflow, event processing and visualizations. We are pleased to have the opportunity to deliver on recommendations identified during our technology assessment.”


As a provider of technology optimization services, we believe doing technology right is the difference between leaders and the rest. We help companies lead. Through a collaborative and easy-to-do-business-with approach, GuideIT helps customers align IT to the business strategy, better govern the value of IT, and effectively navigate change. Learn more at


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