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Critical Access Network To Realize Efficient Continuum of Care Through GuideIT’s iVelociti


August 31, 2017 – Plano, TX – GuideIT, a market leader in redefining the delivery of information technology, today announced that its iVelociti™ digital enablement platform will be used to facilitate an efficient continuum of care for a regional healthcare provider critical access network.

Critical Access Hospitals, which fall under a program established by the federal government in 1997, locally serve residents who otherwise could be a considerable distance from emergency medical care.  These hospitals and other regional healthcare organizations are joining forces to provide a local continuum of care typically only accessible through a larger, but remote health system. GuideIT’s digital iVelociti™ platform will enable connectivity between the electronic medical record systems of independent providers within the network to facilitate the efficient hand-off of patient care.  For a critical access hospital, this will enable it to provide a greater range of care to its constituents.  GuideIT will also deploy its digital laboratory solution to compress the timeframe for the lab order to results cycle.  With this solution, laboratory reports are provided in a digital format so they can easily integrated with the electronic medical record system and help physicians to rapidly identify potential health issues.

“We are excited to help healthcare providers redefine the use of IT to facilitate a better continuum of care,” said Chuck Lyles, CEO for GuideIT. “With iVelociti, we provide healthcare providers with a financially efficient path to digital success.”

GuideIT’s digital transformation solutions, consisting of data integration, visualization and analytics, and event-driven healthcare, help organizations to better understand and serve constituents, launch new business models, and optimize business processes. These results-oriented solutions enable proactive patient care, enhance the customer experience, transform legacy business processes to increase profitability, and extend the life of legacy applications by applying event processing and cutting-edge visualizations to critical, but disjointed information dispersed across many sources.  Through iVelociti™, a platform-as-a-service component of GuideIT’s digital transformation solutions, customers realize accelerated business results in a cost effective, flexible and scalable manner.

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