Data Center Transformation

Migrating your data center to a new operating footprint is a complex process that consumes significant resources. Do we go cloud or consider a hybrid model? What’s the right process for the transition? How do we ensure the security of our data? Most importantly, what are the strategic business priorities and how does a migration help enable those priorities correctly?

Focus Areas

Organizations seeking to lead the market leverage the GuideIT Data Center Migration services removing the guess work in optimizing your IT footprint.   Our experienced team will assess your current environment, recommend a migration strategy aligned with your goals and ensure a minimally disruptive migration.  Right-size your data center footprint, optimize return on investment, plan for demand variation, and implement effective security measures.


The results our customers are realizing include:

  • Healthcare payer: Reduced cost and preserved business continuity in the consolidation of five data centers into a single state-of-the-art facility
  • Commercial services provider: Achieved successful relocation without disruption with guidance in transitioning from one service provider to another
  • Commercial services provider: Met final deadline for vacating a data center by validating data center decommissioning plan and providing recommendations for more efficiently achieving their objectives

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