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Data silos are common challenges across industries. The key to successful digital transformation is the proficient acquisition and aggregation of data from all systems, work complimented by automation of manual processes.  By using the aggregated data from both on-premise and cloud-based systems, capture and expose value unrealized in traditional models of interfacing applications. Take a non-invasive approach that does not require rip-and-replace, but rather leverages existing technologies that include old-fashioned integration and new technology such as cloud and service based integration points. Accelerate your digital transformation efforts through “Smart Data” integration and automate manual processes in a data-driven environment.


Focus Areas

  • Advanced Integration through Cloud Services
  • Business Process Automation
  • Technology Augmentation
  • Accelerated Transformation
  • Any Data, Any Format, Any Where

For healthcare organizations, the focus extends to include:

  • Population Health Optimization
  • EMR Real-Time Integration
  • Payer Data Integration
  • Data Warehouse and Clinical Data Repository Integration
  • Big Data Support


The results our customers are realizing include:

  • 95% + patient match rate across disparate sources via the integration of data across five health plans with top EMR vendor data and HIE CCD integration
  • Sub-second response for on-demand information requests and work flow driven integration
  • Better care coordination with real-time data driven alerts and workflow as patients are still engaged in the healthcare system

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