Analytics & Visualization

The application of analytics and business rules to real-time data is critical for unlocking information’s inherent value.  Too often, digital solutions are implemented using “new” tools that were built for the purpose of analyzing static data in a database somewhere hours, days or even months after the critical value of the data has lapsed. Improve the very nature of how your business operates by “mining” data in real-time (as data streams cross networks and move between applications), while leveraging relevant static data. This approach enables an organization to use rich analytic visualizations that provide insights for better decision-making.

Achieve both meaning and context of your data through “purpose built” information pictures that empower users to better and more effectively perform their job functions. Create a digital-centric customer experience, with meaning and context as the single most important determinant of real-time engagement by applying rules and workflow to integrated data,  Spanning from simple dashboards to more complex visualizations and predictive analytics, explore what makes sense to support your specific to enable your digital strategy. 

Focus Areas

The focus of services includes:

  • Data rules and workflow
  • Data driven pattern recognition and recall
  • Event driven business pr ocess
  • Learning system
  • Access data and information no matter what state or where the data lives
  • Both fixed and dynamic visualizations to meet the needs of a large population of users
  • Single platform for integration, rules and workflow, and visualizations allows for dynamic collaboration platform to increase quality and decrease costs through real-time analysis


The results our customers are realizing include:

  • Full automation of manual processes that historically involved multiple people and information sources
  • Elimination of toggling between different systems and achieved information insights presented in a rule-driven environment so healthcare givers and providers can focus more on care
  • A learning-based platform that improves with exposure to additional data over time, allowing rules to be driven by experience
  • Ability to track patient movement throughout a health system real-time from acute care, to post acute care and ambulatory
  • Visualizations of the whole story, not just a piece what happened in the past
  • Answering “what if” questions as patients are moving through the health system using dynamic analytical models

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