Case Study in IT: Data Center Migration

Proof That The Right Planning Matters



With the wave of demand driven by social, mobile, and cloud technology, the landscape for data center strategy has changed dramatically. Transitioning from legacy data center models requires more thoughtful planning than ever, with a greater emphasis on agility and scalability of both technology and people.


Our customer, a company with operations in multiple industries, recently faced substantial change and demand in business needs resulting from growth. This change in demand coupled with a uniquely diverse portfolio of business interests, in turn, created a need for a new data center infrastructure. Agility (the speed at which the IT organization responds to business needs) was of paramount importance in meeting this need. As their IT strategic advisors, we recommended and led the resulting Data Center Migration project.


The project consisted of migrating out of the primary data center to a new location, migrating out of the secondary data center to a new disaster recovery location and implementing a new WAN/LAN infrastructure. Complete the project without disrupting the business. 


We first worked to integrate our team with our customer’s team in understanding the current environment and business requirements. We then developed a technical solution (including evaluation and selection of vendor partners) designed to mitigate risk and maintain 100% messaging uptime. This work included location selection and preparation of a primary site and secondary disaster recovery site, network solution development, network orders and mapping applications migration. Next came the staged move, testing, and shutdown of the previous locations.

The project wasn’t without challenges, including in this case, circuit vendor management and deliverables. The primary circuit delivery was late, which shortened our testing window. But our plan included a small move package enabling us to identify and correct circuit issues prior to the full move of the primary data center. The result was clear validation that the right preparation and staging in execution are critical factors in successfully migrating a data center.

Results At-a Glance

  • 100% messaging uptime
  • Proof that the RIGHT plan mitigates risk created by variables outside the control of our customer and GuideIT
  • Unsolicited praise from the customer leadership team in achieving zero disruption to the business

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