Reduce Costly Regulatory Oversight and Increase Technology Optimization with Best Practice Tools and Processes

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GuideIT completed a successful two-year project leading a complete technology optimization, from an aging legacy architecture to an efficient, scalable environment for a national financial services company.

The company faced some difficult challenges with their legacy IT environment that, if left unchanged, would threaten enterprise-wide operations. Those challenges included poor visibility into their outsourced IT environment and internal limitations in resource bandwidth and experience to execute a separation of IT services.

The primary objective of this engagement was to solve those difficulties with a best practice IT environment to achieve long term reliability, operational efficiency, cost reduction, and cost avoidance with respect to technology-related compliance requirements fueled by regulatory oversight. Key project milestones included the separation of IT service and data centers from an incumbent service provider, implementation of Office 365, and implementation of security operations.


  • Established tools and processes based on best practice guidelines for a global IT support team of approximately 350 members
  • Reduced costly regulatory oversight by half, equating to nearly $15 million quarterly
  • Generated $5 million in annual cost savings