GuideIT Financial Solutions

GuideIT Financial Solutions help organizations strengthen the customer experience, improve efficiency, manage regulatory requirements and protect the enterprise.

Our Approach

We’ve worked with financial institutions, insurance companies, mortgage processors and investment management firms. Our approach is to create a collaborative environment that enables the adoption of advanced technologies and solutions to enhance the customer experience, mitigate risk and address the changing competitive landscape.

Regulatory Compliance

Mounting regulatory compliance requirements have increased the need for specialized expertise. We strengthen the effectiveness of your compliance, audit and risk programs through a combination of consulting and managed services.

BSA/AML & Fraud
We deploy regulatory experts, technology and automation to strengthen your compliance capabilities and streamline internal processes.
Vendor/Contract Management
We use our management consultants to vet potential suppliers to improve regulatory compliance and help you realize value for your money.
Security, Privacy & Risk
We help you to achieve the physical environment and process compliance necessary to secure your locations and protect customer information.
Strategy-Enabling IT Function

A cost-efficient IT function is a critical foundation needed before true innovation can begin. We operate and strengthen the efficiency of your IT function to enable growth.

Our team brings the vision and expertise necessary to assess your IT function and establish and implement an improvement roadmap that achieves your objectives.
We manage your applications, infrastructure and service desk to your standards in order to maximize your return on investment and ensure your end users have reliable technology and support.
Information Security

The growing number and complexity of cyber threats and increase to connected devices create more opportunities for data loss than ever before. We protect your systems, data and people through a suite of configurable security solutions.

We strengthen your overall cyber security program by closing gaps in your organization’s cyber security strategy.
We manage the risk associated with the unauthorized access or destruction of data, such as customer and employee information.
We enable defensive measures for the most vulnerable components of an IT ecosystem, end-user devices.
We detect and respond to highly complex threats through actionable intelligence and 24/7 security monitoring to protect against malicious hacks.
Optimized Operations

Data science focuses on strengthening information flow to make your business more efficient and effective. We enhance visibility into your business to strengthen the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

We convert your information into actionable intelligence that enable increased operation efficiency and risk mitigation.
Automation & Machine Learning
We deploy technology enabled processes that effectively leverage your data in order to reduce manual intervention and increase efficiency.

Your Dedicated Financial Services Team

Stephanie Moushon

Compliance and Risk Management Consultant

Steve Jacoy

Customer Engagement Leader