It's Right There...

... in front of you. Up to 12% MORE savings in your Purchased Services. 

Do you truly have the visibility, bandwidth or expertise to strategically remediate and manage purchased services across the whole of your organization?

Does your organization have specialized, category-specific contract negotiation expertise applied repeatedly, quarter after quarter?

Activate strategy and management with , a hybrid SaaS and Best Practices service solution. Quickly categorize, identify, remediate, and sustain savings in Purchased Services within your healthcare system leveraging the VALIFY analytics platform and subject matter experts with unique industry knowledge, contract negotiating experience, and strategic sourcing.

Real Impact

gSalvo is the most complete SaaS analytics benchmarking services solution impacting EBIDTA through Purchased Services in healthcare today.

The savings achieved by one of your peer health systems in a single category representing an annualized direct profit impact exceeding $1 million.

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