Global Business Services Leader Realizes New Business Management Approach Through GuideIT Management Consulting Services

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A global business services firm set out to transform its business management approach from product-centric to customer-centric.  Its objective was to gain a comprehensive view of the products and services provided to each of its customers in order to deploy a customer-focused operating model.  To enable this transformation, it needed to structurally alter the manner in which it managed its business. 

Having started the transformation by implementing a suite of new back office systems, the customer engaged GuideIT to develop the financial systems approach that would enable management of the business by customer in order to identify ways to enhance revenue and profitability.  


  • Created a strategy for producing a financial view of a customer that spanned all products and services.
  • Analyzed approximately 20 product offerings, their source systems, and transactional data structure, resulting in a data attribution strategy necessary for a product-based customer view.
  • Assessed approximately 70 sources of expense and developed direct attribution and allocation strategies necessary to understand profitability by customer.
  • Developed a data strategy necessary for reporting the cross-sections of product, customer, geography, management structure, and legal entity.
  • Worked with the back office systems vendor to integrate transactional information from the customer’s main operational systems in order to automate the new data strategy.