Healthcare Payer Strengthens Technology Infrastructure Through GuideIT

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A healthcare payer who administers benefits to more than 50 million people launched a major IT infrastructure modernization and enhancement initiative.  Its objectives were to consolidate its data centers into a state-of-the-art environment, upgrade end user device software and enhance the security layer, optimize expense, and improve operational performance.       

GuideIT was engaged to lead and implement programs in support of the IT infrastructure initiative.  The payer wanted to retain operational control of its IT function, but needed the expertise and resources to implement the transformation  


  • Consolidated five data centers (850 servers) into one hybrid location.
  • Engineered and deployed a software image to approximately 700 end user devices.
  • Delivered a stronger security layer for end points.
  • Migrated users to a virtual workplace solution that enhanced security and resulted in more than 40 servers being decommissioned.
  • Reduced expense, while increasing the performance and reliability of its IT infrastructure.