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We believe technology has the most relevance and benefit to a business when it’s deployed and managed with an industry and business-specific context. Our approach is to integrate our solutions with the necessary industry expertise in order to help you achieve your objectives.


The healthcare industry continues to evolve, with care shifting to ambulatory settings, payment reform progressing, EMR rationalization increasing and acquisition and consolidation elevating. Our solutions increase efficiency, drive greater benefits from technology investments, help you thrive and realize the expected benefits from acquisitions and contribute to initiatives to strengthen the quality of care.


Within the financial services industry, the competitive landscape is ever-changing, making innovation critical to enhancing the customer experience. At the same time, efficiency, fraud detection and data protection are critical priorities. We not only provide you an efficient strategy-enabling IT function, we help you achieve the data analytics, innovation and cyber protection necessary to thrive and strengthen overall business performance.


For commercial organizations, responding to digital disruption, rising costs, external threats and responding to change are top priorities. We provide the IT capabilities necessary to succeed in the digital economy, implement change, optimize business expense and protect your business.