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GuideIT financial services help organizations thrive in a competitive landscape, improve performance and protect the business from cyber threats.

Our Approach to Financial Services

We work with banks, insurance companies, mortgage processors and investment management firms. Our approach is to establish a sound, efficient and secure IT function, while enabling your strategies to enhance the customer experience, mitigate risk, and address the changing competitive landscape.

Strategy-Enabling IT Function

A cost-efficient IT function is a critical foundation needed before true innovation can begin. We operate and strengthen the efficiency of your IT function to enable growth.

We manage your applications, infrastructure and service desk to your standards while maximizing your return on investment.

Our team brings the vision and expertise necessary to assess your IT function and establish and implement an improvement roadmap that achieves your objectives.

Data Analytics

Data science focuses on strengthening information flow to make your business more efficient and effective. We enhance visibility into your business to strengthen the customer experience, increase operational efficiency and mitigate risk.

We convert your information into actionable intelligence that enable increased operation efficiency and risk mitigation.

We work with your organization to develop and implement analytics strategies in support of your customer, operational and risk management strategies.

Fintech Disruption

Fintech establishes a strategy of technological optimization with your customers in mind. We develop strategies to adopt new technology in a streamlined, cost-effective manner.

We apply the technology, connectivity and automation necessary to enhance the customer experience and increase efficiency.

We help you develop and implement strategies to new market entrants and implement a program of innovation.

We leverage your customer information in new and innovative ways to reveal insights that will help you to provide better services.

Data Protection

The growing number and complexity of cyber threats and increase to connected devices create more opportunities for data loss than ever before. We protect your systems, data and people through a suite of configurable security solutions.

We contribute to increased hospital and health practice operational efficiency through data science.

We apply the key technology components so you can participate in alternative payment models and provide better delivery of clinical information.


Your Dedicated Financial Services Team

Mark Johnson

Program Management

Steve Jacoy

Customer Engagement Leadership