Insights Analytics

Actionable Intelligence from multiple tools with customizable dashboards, right from your browser.

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Our Approach

Insights Analytics from GuideIT simplifies the analysis of complex business data with expertly-curated dashboards, integrating multiple tools into focused reports on cybersecurity compliance, IT operations, and more.

Processes structured and unstructured data natively in the cloud with Stratus, our secure and compliant cloud data engine. Link your sources with dozens of connectors available for leading technologies in cybersecurity, healthcare, IT & enterprise management.

How We Do It

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Get Insights

A unified data analytics platform with personalized insights

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Be More Data-Driven

Identify business impacting metrics and perform root cause analysis.

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Actionable INtelligence

Insights curated by analysts who understand business drivers.

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Unified Data Landscape

Create visibility into all of your tools with unified dashboards.

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Stratus Cloud Engine

A cloud-based data architecture for ingesting and processing disparate sources natively.

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Break Down Data Barriers

Allows your entire organization to communicate simultaneously.

Case Snapshots

Accelerating Business Outcomes

A diversified global provider of energy services had established a strong set of analytics to run its business, but the flow of information was slow, and the cost associated with manual reporting was excessive. We developed and implemented a data integration strategy and deployed 22 real time business performance indicator dashboards, effectively eliminating a costly data warehouse solution and supporting a real-time, anytime, anyplace working environment.