Case Study in IT: Service Management ( ITSM) (2)


Best Practices Thrive on Mutual Trust


A recent Forrester Research study concluded the following regarding IT Service Management (ITSM), “While some delivery capabilities, such as availability and support capabilities, contribute directly to the quality of experience of the service, some delivery capabilities get better with additional flexibility, as every customer has different requirements.”  This conclusion represents an advanced perspective in ITSM best practice and is particularly relevant in our customer’s story.


A large company with diverse interests in multiple industries decided to place renewed emphasis on Service Management, and the importance of its role in delivering reliable infrastructure, application and end-user services.  They elected to change service providers and selected GuideIT.


Deliver the tools, process, expertise, and discipline that when married with executive sponsorship provided by the CIO, would facilitate growth on the IT process maturity scale, and improve overall customer satisfaction.


GuideIT subject matter experts worked with this customer to understand the details and source of their challenges as well as their vision for the future. From that work, together, we developed a framework leveraging the strengths in their current footprint while closing the gaps. Additionally, the new framework was designed to be scalable for rapid and unique change.  Highlights include the application and effective use of ITIL best practices for:

  • Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Request Management
  • Task Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

In preparing for this story, we reflected with our customer to better understand what attributes stand out about the work we are doing. They valued the improved visibility and measurability into and of IT operations performance, significantly improved VIP support processes, and additional rigor around change management.

Mutual trust is a core value on which GuideIT was founded. It is that mutual trust we seek as our objective. When we work together with our customers in pursuit of that trust, both results and relationships are at their best. 

if you would like to explore how to create your own story like this, connect with us today to make it happen. 

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