How iVelociti Works

iVelociti Intelligence Powersource

iVelociti How it Works

A truly accurate, patient story is now within your grasp. Finally, you can simplify the complexity and reduce the expense of multiple clinical and administrative interfaces. With iVelociti ANY applications can talk WITH each other... whether you control them or not... in TRUE real-time... ALL the time... when you’re providing care AND when you’re analyzing trends and opportunities.

With complete, true real-time access to ALL the patient data, iVelociti applies unique relational intelligence AND enables you to integrate your own clinical and business intelligence.

No more puzzle... just an accurate patient story.

The iVelociti PowerSource

iVelociti Powersource

Why iVelociti

Why iVelociti?

iVelociti provides the ability to monitor events and identify patterns in real time. Providers are better positioned to make decisions and take action before the data becomes stale or irrelevant in a database. Healthcare organizations have solutions in the platform to: 

  • Identify patients at risk of developing dangerous conditions like sepsis in real-time, and alert the appropriate staff, providing the right information and drive workflow to take immediate action 

  • Lower cost by reducing the complexity and expense of interfaces required to connect clinical and administrative systems across the new boundaryless healthcare enterprise 

  • Optimize the use of scarce resources by better managing manual and automated business processes involving multi-dimensional factors and dependencies above the existing application eco-system 

  • Facilitate the transition to value based, accountable care and full risk relationships advancing to clinically integrated networks (ACO/PCMH/CIN) 


NOW you can monitor events, identify patterns, and initiate meaningful true real-time, all the time. 


Simple. Smart. Now.

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