Technology Leads to 42% Reduction in AKI Intensity

42% Reduction in AKI Intensity


There is a preventable rate of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) occurring in at-risk children that are hospitalized but non-critically ill due to a gap in systematic, proactive monitoring of kidney function.

Physicians have knowledge of risk factors and preventative clinical standards, but cannot systematically manage volume and environmental variables. they need intelligent, real-time support and alerts to ensure preventative, clinical actions.



Technology Initiated:

  • Automated identification of at-risk patients (patients with NTMx)
  • Systematic SCr monitoring triggered
  • Trigger alerts initiated for providers of care empowered to adjust care to avoid/mitigate AKI



Year One:

  • 42% Reduction in AKI Intensity

Year Two:

  • 20% Reduction in NTMx
  • 33% Reduction in AKI rate


* Results achieved through technology partner