Intelligent, Real-time Support & Alerts Leads to Reduction in HAIs

Reduction in HAIs


Clinical Data Warehouse required minimum of 45 days for detailed analytics report on Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs). Care coordination was manual and inefficient.

Physicians have knowledge of risk factors and preventative clinical standards, but cannon systematically manage volume and environmental variables proactively. They need intelligent, real-time support and alerts to ensure preventative, clinical actions.


Technology Initiated:

  • Systematic identification and monitoring of at-risk patients
  • Real-time intelligence processing of data as events occur
  • Trigger alerts initiated, providers of care empowered to intervene and adjust care to avoid/mitigate HAI



First Quarter:

  • LOS reduced 3.3 days
  • $500,000 savings
  • 100% PCP Adoption of Protocol


* Results achieved through technology partner