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We're excited to participate in this year's MUSE Inspire conference as we celebrate 40 years of networking!

As a proud MUSE Commercial member, GuideIT has developed specialized solutions to support customers transitioning to MEDITECH expanse.

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Leading hospitals and healthcare systems partner with GuideIT to achieve critical IT objectives.

As a Perot Company, GuideIT has been committed to delivering excellent customer experience with the highest integrity since 2013.

MEDITECH Expanse Go-Live Solutions

Let GuideIT assist your organization in ensuring a successful MEDITECH Expanse Go-Live edperience

A MEDITECH Expanse implementation has a major impact on your organization, and user experience is the ultimate key to success.

Even with a perfect build and thorough testing, your success will be measured by how your end users perceive and use the new system.

How do you ensure they have the most productive and supported experience possible?

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How does GuideIT support your MEDITECH end-user community?

Reduce Level 2 Support Strain

Resolve MEDITECH end user issues before they are escalated to Level 2 support, reducing cost

Increase Caregiver Satisfaction

Provide responsive and effective service supporting end users virtually at-the-elbow

US-Based MEDITECH Analysts On-Call

GuideIT experienced MEDITECH Analysts provide high-quality support

Complete MEDITECH Solutions

Pair with MEDITECH Level 2 Application Management Services for a fully managed solution

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