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Largest Independent Insurance Brokers Expands Human Resources Support Needs Through GuideIT

September 19, 2017 – Plano, TX – GuideIT, a market leader in redefining the delivery of information technology, today announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with one of the world’s largest privately held, independent insurance brokers to expand its customer-facing Human Resources support operation.

With the objectives of increasing scalability and redundancy of its customer care operation in a predictable and cost-effective manner, GuideIT will operate a Human Resource Assistance Center that will work in conjunction with the existing in-house operation to provide the broker’s customers with bilingual support for health coverage, eligibility, and other associated benefit matters. GuideIT will provide a highly scalable customer support solution that will enable the broker to better meet customer support requirements during high demand and peak business hours as the company grows.

“Our customer support solution enables us to expand capacity to better meet customer support needs and includes an added layer of flexibility and scalability to help control costs,” said Mark Johnson. “By deploying this solution, GuideIT is helping the customer achieve their overall business objectives of increasing its support capacity while also improving business continuity.”

With GuideIT’s Service Desk solution, organizations enhance the user experience, increase operational quality and reporting, and achieve an optimized, scalable cost structure.  GuideIT provides end-user support services encompassing technology infrastructure, clinical applications, software product and business process support.

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