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Lyles Speaks At IdeaWF, Shares David vs Goliath Triumph As Perspective For Entrepreneurs

Perspective On A Story Authored By John Ingle Of The Times Record News, Wichita Falls, Texas

Participants in the 2015 IdeaWF have an opportunity to create their own David and Goliath story in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams and ideas according to Chuck Lyles, CEO of Plano based start-up GuideIT. Or as John Ingle from the Times Record News, Wichita Falls, Texas reported Lyles sharing, “We’re living the dream, and maybe, just maybe we’ll catch lightning in a bottle again. And maybe we can make a difference again.”

In his article John highlighted Lyles’ perspective on company culture and a pair of stories about his experience working in Perot built technology companies. Lyles shared the attributes of an H. Ross Perot company to include listening to customers, serving employees, operating with integrity, leading by example, and taking risk.

One of Chuck’s stories John spotlights in the article focuses on a a real David and Goliath story from Chuck’s time at EDS competing against IBM for a government contract. IBM had hundreds of people working on seven common areas of focus. On those same seven areas, EDS had seven teams of two people. EDS won the contract because they prepared to win all seven. In contrast, IBM prepared to win four. John quotes Lyles saying, “my point is as you begin to grow your business, will you deploy a 7-0 strategy, or will you deploy a 4-3?” He noted that the success was because of the culture Perot created; a culture that carried over to Perot Systems as well.

John closed the article with a compelling theme linking Lyles’ latest adventure with the Perot family as an opportunity to again catch lightning in a bottle. Last year, Ross Perot Jr. came calling and lured him back to this new venture with GuideIT. The company tripled in size last year.

Perspective written by Peter Snell, VP Marketing @ GuideIT

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