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Medical Device Manufacturer Expands Management Consulting Arrangement with GuideIT

September 7, 2017 – Plano, TX – GuideIT, a market leader in redefining the delivery of information technology, today announced that it has extended a consulting arrangement with a leading medical device manufacturer following a successful Enterprise Assessment engagement.

With the objective of gaining a comprehensive assessment of its IT organization and reviewing the effectiveness of project initiatives, GuideIT was initially engaged to perform its diagnostic Enterprise Assessment.  The assessment provided an actionable determination of the IT organization’s strategic alignment, processes and methodologies, financial efficiency, operational functions, risks, governance and human capital.  GuideIT has now been engaged in an operational leadership role with the objectives of realigning the organization, implementing operational and process improvements, and facilitating the achievement of cost efficiency targets.

“GuideIT’s assessments have provided the insight needed to launch holistic, transformational IT programs, said Chuck Lyles, CEO for GuideIT.  “As a trusted advisor with the operational expertise necessary to deliver tangible improvements, we are well prepared to operationalize the findings and help this great organization achieve a well-aligned, efficient and highly effective IT function.”

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While technology is critical for every business, it’s also complex and ever changing, often making it difficult to manage.  Because of this complexity, many business leaders find themselves in need of advisors they can trust… people who can guide them through getting the most out of technology, relative to their business priorities and the results they seek. That’s why people put their trust in us.

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