Gain a Path to Greater IT Efficiency Through Management Consulting

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A leading medical equipment supplier was experiencing consistent IT cost increases.  It had moved their application suite to the cloud and had undertaken several custom software development projects. With their IT spend being greater than anticipated, the company needed an independent review and recommendations for the:

  • Effectiveness of the IT organization structure and its use of external service providers
  • Efficiency of its cost structure
  • Value of its deployment of custom software
  • Utilization of enabling technology to support its business strategy

GuideIT’s management consulting practice included a review of their IT operations, IT spend, and third party contracting and oversight with the objectives of better aligning the IT organization to the business strategy, optimizing IT expense, and rationalizing third party IT spend.


  • Developed an IT structure that would make IT an aligned, business-enabling function
  • Established a plan to reduce IT expense by 16% through internal and external efficiencies
  • Identified actions that would increase cost structure transparency, establish clear performance reporting, and initiate business-aligned planning and prioritization
  • Create a sourcing strategy to optimize external service provider usage