Case Snapshots

National Retailer Deploys Covid Contact Tracing with GuideIT

As Coronavirus began spreading in the US, a nationwide retailer was facing issues with handling the growing number of Covid positive team members at each of their stores. With the sudden onset of the virus, it became difficult to manage each employee’s time off, store cleanings, and the CDC reporting requirements. GuideIT implemented a Covid response process to help manage the growing number of cases while preserving the safety of the employees and customers at all retail locations.

Covid positive team members as well as all close contacts are identified and interacted with regularly throughout their quarantine. GuideIT acts as the liaison between the employee and the benefits department, to assist the employee with their leave of absence pay. GuideIt also initiates the store cleaning protocols to shut down the store when needed and dispatch the cleaning vendor to the correct store. CDC reporting requirements are then handled appropriately based on federal and state guidelines.

The nationwide retailer was able to continue focusing on their customers and day to day operations, knowing they could trust GuideIT to manage their Covid Response needs quickly and safely.