Case Study in IT: Network Optimization

Minimal Disruption Achieved in Transition to VOIP for National Healthcare Provider


There is no question that communication technology is moving toward lower cost new types such as VOIP. Search for the latest insights from industry subject matter experts and you will find lots of information about pros and cons, but one universal conclusion: If you can make the shift to VOIP, do it.
The key is doing it right. In healthcare, doing it right has unique implications because fluid communication is a cornerstone in delivering care. Enter GuideIT.


This provider was ready to move from multiple PBX systems to a VOIP-centric model for their communications...the transition, one piece of a broader multi-source IT strategy. Simple enough, right? Not exactly. This transition was a monster...500 locations and more than 1100 buildings. Additionally, the provider cares for patients, the majority of whom are in some form of acute need. Sure, any business requires clean execution in a project of this magnitude. But few businesses have the sole mission of caring for the acute health needs of their customers like healthcare providers do for their patients.


With patient care hanging in the balance, minimizing disruption was paramount. The objective was to create a business model for transitioning to the new technology, including WAN, LAN, and Wi-Fi seamlessly to maintain the integrity of clinical and operational workflows.


GuideIT created and served as team lead for go-live on the production readiness process that included clearly defined criteria and validation points to ensure that all operational requirements were properly staged and reached for each project track. Deliverables included...

  • Implementation plan including set of production readiness criteria
  • Variance between planned design and actual implementation less than 5%
  • Below expected number of “critical incidents” after implementation
  • Recruiting and hiring incremental team members

In the end, the expected results delivered on time and within budget.

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