Why GuideIT?

One of GuideIT’s founding objectives is to bring a level of personalized service to the industry. To achieve this, we have committed to addressing the challenges organizations most commonly experience with services providers and by concentrating on adding value in everything we do, every step of the way.  We configure every aspect of our business to create an IT experience that delivers by:

  • Partnering with customers to provide cost-effective technology solutions that enable the creation of business value.
  • Simplifying the complex with a straightforward, creative and flexible approach that positions IT as a strategic asset.
  • Inspiring confidence through the results we deliver, the expertise we demonstrate, and our approach to customer service.


Our rallying call is IT Redefined.  It drives us to look at every aspect of our business and align it to the successful criteria of today and tomorrow, not yesterday.  Our customers experience:  

We invest in enabling technologies in the form of service platforms and frameworks that drive systemic processes, efficiency, and quality:


Our team members are encouraged to be a source of innovation that shapes their job function, the future of our company and potentially an industry.

Achieve an IT experience that delivers through GuideIT. 

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