Case Study in IT: Network Optimization

$760k Savings Captured with WAN Optimization



A recent study performed by International Data Corporation, a global IT research firm, concluded that growth in network demands driven by big data, BYOD, and application utilization is challenging how Wide Area Networks (WAN) are designed and managed. IDC program vice president for Enterprise Data Center Networks, Cindy Borovick described current WAN management practices as “accidental architecture...supporting individual applications rather than optimizing the entire WAN infrastructure”. This approach has caused a tipping point for many companies including our customer.


GuideIT was engaged by a Fortune 1000 company to provide an assessment of the WAN transport infrastructure (150+ data circuits) to uncover gaps in configuration, functionality and expected WAN transport performance that could affect voice and data traffic. 


Find savings and optimize the WAN infrastructure based on current and future utilization needs. 

Results at a Glance


$760,000 annual savings captured (11% of spend) Better network performance  Preparedness for maintaining performance as demands change   

$760,000 annual savings captured (11% of spend)

Better network performance

 Preparedness for maintaining performance as demands change 


GuideIT deployed a strategic team of resources to perform an analysis of the current environment measured against the objective to create a baseline, gap identification and roadmap.

The analysis focused on inventory of voice and data circuits, circuit utilization, Quality of Service (QoS) configuration, equipment configuration, termination points and connected equipment with reconciliation to existing circuit inventory database. Additionally, a complete review of the telecommunications fulfillment process was performed to understand current processes.

The final analysis documentation included multiple recommendations modeled as an ideal state of the WAN infrastructure optimizing the end-to-end utilization of both voice and data.
Key recommendations and conclusions included:

  • Redesign of architecture to optimize connectivity
  • Right-size circuit hardware based on utilization
  • Remediate audited billing errors
  • Annual savings of $760K, 11% of total spend on WAN infrastructure

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