Post-acute care operator increases it support enabling improved patient care while lowering it costs

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An operator of skilled nursing and assisted living facilities was struggling to meet the IT support needs of the high growth organization. One of the CIO’s highest priorities was to build a credible internal IT support function to become more responsive and eliminate the backlog of unresolved issues and service requests.

 The post-acute care organization needed to design and implement a new Service Desk solution that would be more responsive with improved results. Three primary success factors were established 1) increase the level of support to its frontline caregivers that would result in both increased problems solved and exceptional customer experience 2) improve business operations and contain IT costs without increasing the cost of remediation 3) improve operating metrics including lower abandon rate, decreased time to answer inbound calls, reduce service backlog, and reduce overall cost of the IT Service Desk function.


  • Reduced annual Service Desk cost by 20%
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction rate by 54%
  • Reduced workload backlog by 97%
  • Improved call abandon rate by 87%
  • Eliminated internal remediation cost by 29%
  • Reduced total active tickets by more than 45%
  • Improved average speed to answer by 97%