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Praxeo Health Engages GuideIT to Redefine Clinical Laboratory Business Processes and Optimize Quality Assurance

June 1, 2017 – Plano, TX – GuideIT, a market leader in redefining the delivery of information technology, today announced a multi-year agreement with Praxeo Health to provide a digital transformation platform to redefine how clinical laboratories manage cost of goods and provide superior service and quality.

GuideIT’s digital transformation solutions, consisting of data integration, visualization and analytics, and event-driven healthcare, help organizations to better understand and serve constituents, launch new business models, and optimize business processes. These results-oriented solutions enable proactive patient care, enhance the customer experience, transform legacy business processes to increase profitability, and extend the life of legacy applications by applying event processing and cutting-edge visualizations to critical, but disjointed information dispersed across many sources.  Through iVelociti™, a platform-as-a-service component of GuideIT’s digital transformation solutions, customers realize accelerated business results in a cost effective, flexible and scalable manner.

“We have already encountered significant demand for consulting, analytics, and online content to assist providers and employer groups with laboratory utilization management” said Jerry Duck, Chief Compliance Officer of Praxeo Health. “Much of this focus by payors may be driven by cost concerns, but we are also experiencing a huge focus on quality assurance as evidenced by the number of lab closures occurring in many markets today especially in DFW.”

Ron Manipol, CEO of Praxeo Health said “New technologies such as GuideIT’s iVelociti™ digital transformation platform will help us associate the need to document traceability, compliance, and chain of custody combined with comprehensive communication of the testing process and results with the ordering entity, patients, pharmacy, or retail clinics.” As Mr. Manipol went on to point out, “this will support better patient management by providing more precise intelligence into the lab process or a population’s health at a lower cost than in the traditional commercial laboratory process.”

“Like many other areas of healthcare, we see laboratory services experiencing a similar IT revolution”, said Chuck Lyles, CEO of GuideIT. Lyles added “we also see laboratory organizations that embrace emerging IT technologies, such as the iVelociti event processing and process management solution, experience an increase in efficiency, a reduction in errors, and an overall improvement of the quality in the delivery of health care services.”


Praxeo Health, LLC is an innovative clinical laboratory providing high-quality, cost-effective testing solutions to physicians and patients. Through ongoing research, discovery and development of new methods to clinical testing, Praxeo Health is dedicated to early detection and intervention that results in ongoing cost savings for patients, providers and payers.


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