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Provider of Long-Term Care and Aging Services Selects GuideIT to Strengthen IT User Experience for its Caregivers

August 17, 2017 – Plano, TX – GuideIT, a market leader in redefining the delivery of information technology, today announced it has signed a multi-year contract to provide a service desk solution for a pioneering provider of long-term care and services for the aging.

The service desk solution being deployed by GuideIT will enable the company to improve the IT support and tools it provides frontline caregivers, which is a strategic imperative for this company. The service desk is designed to reduce response times and increase overall caregiver satisfaction by enhancing the IT user experience.  The company made the decision to source its services desk so that its caregivers could focus on improving the everyday lives of the seniors under their care. GuideIT will become the primary interface to the user environment and the service level improvements will materialize through the consolidation of the support operation, deploying a new suite of tools, and by enhancing and standardizing the support processes used to resolve IT issues.  GuideIT will be leveraging its deep healthcare service support expertise to deploy a team that understands the unique environment, tools and demands being placed on frontline caregivers. The provider will also benefit from a scalable, optimized and predictable cost structure by moving to GuideIT’s service desk solution so that it can repurpose freed up resources on care delivery.

“We are pleased to provide an accelerated path to an improved end user experience and a standardized, cost-efficient operation,” said Chuck Lyles, CEO for GuideIT.  “By leveraging GuideIT, healthcare organizations can focus on patient care, while having the confidence that their IT objectives will be achieved.”

With GuideIT service desk solutions, organizations enhance the user experience, increase operational quality and reporting, and achieve an optimized, scalable cost structure through a centralized platform consisting of standardized tools, specialized expertise and 100% domestic delivery.  GuideIT provides end user services encompassing technology infrastructure, clinical applications and software product support.

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