Global Travel Company Realizes Reduction in IT Expenses While Experiencing Rapid Growth

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A global travel and booking company experienced rapid growth in their data and voice networking environment to accommodate expanding business requirements and acquisitions.  The resulting effect produced an increase in telecom and associated support expenses over this growth period.

GuideIT was engaged to provide an assessment of the WAN transport infrastructure to uncover any gaps in configuration, functionality and expected WAN transport performance. The assessment was designed to produce an outcome of an accurate inventory of voice and data circuits, utilization, quality of service (QoS) configuration, equipment configuration, termination points and connected equipment with reconciliation to existing circuit inventory database.

In addition, a complete review of the telecom fulfillment process was performed to understand current state processes and identify any gaps. GuideIT documented the current process flows and produced a set of process and workflow recommendations for improving the end-to-end fulfillment of both voice and data circuits.


  • Developed an Inventory Clean-Up and Order Process to sustain an annual savings of more than 10% of total IT spend
  • Provided more than 150 data circuit assessments of the WAN transport infrastructure to uncover gaps in configuration and functionality

  • Produced recommendations for reducing telecom cost through resizing and redesigning circuit connectivity

  • Validated Path Redundancy Configuration, Router Based QoS Configuration, Device iOS Release, and WAN Circuit Type/Access Size/Port Size