Case Study in IT: Service Desk

Chasing 100% Customer Satisfaction


There is a tangible challenge in the market today regarding an unfavorable perception of support services. According to a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive, 75% of customers believe it takes too long to reach a live agent. We can all relate. Although, technology has revolutionized the way companies manage service needs, it can create barriers if not applied correctly.


An emerging healthcare provider operating a regional network of physician clinics faced a difficult challenge providing IT support for more than 200 employee users: A single IT resource with multiple responsibilities including network and server support duties. Complicating the situation was the expected growth in the user base due to additionally planned clinic acquisitions. Our customer was already underserving the employee user base. There was no ITIL-based operating model, their staffing allocation had not scaled, and they had not invested in a toolset for managing and reporting service. Such a scenario puts the productivity and growth at unnecessary risk.


Enter GuideIT. We worked with the customer in the design, implementation and management of a fully U.S. based Service Desk model. Key attributes required included: scalability for current support needs and projected growth, visibility to insights through analytics, and connectivity to the users’ perspective of the service.


From that blueprint, our Subject Matter Experts built, launched, and now manages our customer’s Service Desk. The key features of the model include:

  • ITIL foundation for operations
  • Cloud-based agent software including analytics reporting
  • Properly resourced and scalable agent support team
  • User survey model (tool and process for retrieving and applying feedback)

The first measurable results are best viewed through the users’ perspective. GuideIT scored 100% customer satisfaction across those responding to the survey. While this outcome represents one data point, it is the first, which often represents the most difficult opportunity.

If you would like to explore how to create your own story like this, connect with us today to make it happen. 

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