New Operating Footprint Achieves Business Alignment with Minimal Disruption

Data Center Migration

Our customer, a natural history and science museum, faced the daunting task of migrating their data center to a new operating footprint. They needed a partner to assess their current environment and recommend the best course of action in order to ensure the security of their data and help enable strategic business priorities.

Enter GuideIT. First the museum’s current environment was assessed. After understanding the IT and business needs, the team recommended a migration strategy aligned with their goals and ensured a minimally disruptive migration. GuideIT successfully moved 25 virtual servers (18 servers with less than 1 hour of downtime), 5 physical hosts with 6.5TB of data, 220 exchange mailboxes to Office 365, and implemented monitoring and service management.

Our customer enjoyed minimal disruption in operations and the peace of mind that the new footprint is aligned with business goals.