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GuideIT Service Desk solutions provide technical and clinical support to create an exceptional end-user experience. We meet your performance metrics while delivering a variable, optimized cost structure.

Service Desk

In an IT-centric world, providing end users with exceptional, cost-effective support strengthens productivity, increases application use, and enhances the overall IT experience. GuideIT services desk solutions, which encompass technical and clinical support, enables you to create an exceptional end user experience and gain accountability to meeting performance metrics while achieving a variable optimized cost structure.

Technical Service Desk

Business Support

We work with you to understand your targeted business outcomes and design a solution that supports those goals.

Specialized Expertise

We deploy experienced agents to rapidly resolve issues, support increased user productivity and create an exceptional end-user experience.

Enabling Systems

We utilize a multifaceted platform that drives quality and efficiency while providing a configurable path to deploying progressive solutions.

Knowledge Management

We create a repository of operational knowledge to facilitate support and manage complex technology.

Business Intelligence

We utilize reporting capabilities to create actionable intelligence and address the causes of issues that create end-user incidents.


Exceptional End User Experience

Efficient, Scalable Cost Structure

Stronger Operational Metrics

Actionable Insights to Optimize IT Workflow

Better Productivity

Clinical Service Desk

Facilitate Implementation

We perform the functions necessary to drive system adoption.

Provide Ongoing Support

We serve as a single point of contact that creates an exceptional clinician experience.

Support Evolving Requirements

We become an integral, scalable part of your business to facilitate future EHR-centric change.


Increase Clinician Satisfaction

Gain an Optimized Clinical Service Desk

Drive EHR Adoption

Realize Expected EHR Benefits

Allocate More Time to Patient Care

Reduce Implementation Risk