Whether you are evaluating how to better leverage your IT assets, exploring the value of new technology as a business enabler, or leveraging a globalized platform to reduce cost... your business demands require flexibility and fluidity from technology and IT Services, now more than ever. Often when exploring strategic priorities, we discover a need for independent advisory in the evaluation and execution of optimizing of technology. 


GuideIT focuses first on your desired business outcomes, considers the technology assets available, and applies leading thought leadership about resources and tools available in the marketplace to develop strategies that bring the vision and feet necessary to reach those outcomes. Services include...

  • Business and IT Strategy Alignment
  • IT Strategy Development
  • Enterprise Transformation


  • Outcomes-first approach and path
  • Innovation balanced with measured practicality
  • Independent perspective enabling more informed decision-making in your business and with technology 
  • Alignment of technology with the broader business mission

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