Achieve Greater Focus on Patients and Service Management Operational Goals

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StratiFi Health, a highly successful physician practice services and population health organization, was experiencing rapid growth.  As part of StratiFi Health’s growth strategy, and as a market differentiator, key strategic IT investments have been implemented in anticipation that as the business scaled, costs would return to the levels expected long-term. But, as the business expanded, StratiFi Health was experiencing higher than anticipated IT support costs as a percentage of revenue.

Three objectives were set for the strategic services relationship between GuideIT and StratiFi Health: 

  • Pricing would use a model that tied IT spend to revenue in order to secure expected fixed cost leverage and productivity gains
  • Targeted operational metrics would be achieved
  • StratiFi Health would have a rapid design and delivery mechanism for IT initiatives ranging from technology infrastructure to clinical applications support


  • Provided a path to 35% improvement in IT costs as the company grew
  • Achieved no less than 99% consistency on service management operational goals
  • Achieved consistent customer satisfaction scores of 99%
  • Increased First Call Resolution rate to greater than 80%
  • Reduced call Abandon Rate to 3%