Case Study in IT: Telecom Expense Management

Healthcare System Saves $5.4 Million 


Of the 5 major expense categories representing the average corporate IT budget, Telecom Services is the largest single category of spend. As CFOs and CIOs know, it’s a painful budget category, also the primary driver for a large regional healthcare system to engage GuideIT in an opportunity assessment.


The organization has grown in recent years, primarily through acquisition. This growth diversified the geographic footprint, expanded the network footprint, and the disparity in assets and services. Additionally, substantial change has occurred due to the onset of BYOD and the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets by clinicians. Managing multiple contracts, auditing invoices for accuracy, meeting Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) standards, and ensuring appropriate security requirements were all factors impacted by the organization’s newly diversified footprint. Leaders decided it was time for an independent assessment.


Find and capture savings.


In less than 60 days, a team of Subject Matter Experts conducted a comprehensive assessment of the organization’s Telecom footprint. The assessment covered contracts, rates, voice, data, both hard and mobile lines, invoices, management and accounting workflows, and management software. A summary of the assessment concluded substantial opportunity in areas including...

Screenshot 2014-09-25 18.01.58.png

In the end, our customer empowered us to execute the recommendations delivering $5.4 million in 3-year savings, improved regulatory compliance, more flexible contract terms, and a model for best practices in management to protect and prepare for the future.


When was the last time someone brought you or your organization an opportunity to save money in I.T. instead of a request to increase the budget? Connect with us today to make it happen. 

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