Network of Critical Access Hospitals Realized Efficient Continuum of Care Through Digital Transformation

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Several critical access hospitals set out to improve their financial performance, enhance the continuum of care for local patients by obtaining better visibility into their financials, facilitate the efficient hand-off of patient care, and increase the network’s overall revenue.

The network of hospitals engaged GuideIT for their digital transformation solutions. GuideIT’s iVelociti platform enables connectivity between the electronic medical record systems of independent providers within the network to achieve an efficient continuum of care and a financially efficient path to success.


  • Provided better visibility into the overall operation, which led to an increase in overall revenue by more than 10%
  • Created reporting functions that easily integrated data from EMR’s to help physicians proactively identify potential health issues
  • Developed a set of clinical and financial dashboards for management and operational reporting
  • Extended the life of legacy applications by applying event processing and cutting-edge visualizations to critical, but disjointed, information