GuideIT Values

The following values are the foundation of our culture and the people we aspire to be in serving our customers, working with partners, and in collaborating with team members.


We will honor the golden rule of treating each other as we want to be treated, as it is foundational to our company’s relationships within and between all stakeholders.


We will hold each other to unquestionable standards of honesty and ethics, in words and actions, and operate with transparency.


To be great means taking risks. We will encourage each other to be bold, take initiative, and demonstrate an infectious can-do attitude. We will challenge the status quo.


We will seek outstanding individuals who thrive in a collaborative environment, believe teamwork is a force-multiplier, and want to have fun.


We will inspire and lead each other to greatness and overcome any obstacles, as expected of each of us, regardless of the role. Our leaders are part of the team, not separate and above the team.


We will demonstrate the flexibility and agility needed to succeed in a world of complexity, ambiguity and change.


We will be driven to deliver reliable and predictable results on all of our commitments.


We will hold ourselves, individually and collectively, accountable for adherence to our values and all other commitments we make.