Case Study in IT: Desktop Migration

Business Productivity Preserved 


A Fortune 50 Financial Services company faced the end of Microsoft support for XP. Already engaged with the customer in a highly mechanized managed deployment project focused on XP-based computers, our partner invited us in to drive speed to impact in meeting the needs. It was clear from the onset that the project scope was still yet to be clearly defined due to multiple hidden challenges within the environment such as an unknown PC count, questions on locations, and a high mix of remote business users. In fact, project go-live was already delayed threatening the targeted, and critical completion date. The primary objective resting on the target completion date was a seamless transition that would secure productivity for the community of business users. 


With that in mind, GuideIT mobilized a Win7-specialized, technical “SWAT” team positioned to execute large portions of the migration with the objective of mitigating delay in project completion and protecting productivity of a large community of business users.  The call to action from our partner included strategic planning, rapid talent resourcing, and balancing tactical execution with high touch customer service. The results?

  • 7,000 PCs, 14 sites, 10 Months
  • Minimized impending delay of project completion date thereby protecting business productivity    
  • Delivery model “brand seamless” for partner (lead project owner) to customer

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