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  • Security for end user devices, email, and infrastructure

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Leading organizations partner with GuideIT to manage and protect their critical IT assets.

As a Perot Company, GuideIT has been committed to delivering excellent customer experience with the highest integrity since 2013.

Take Your Security from Risk to Resilience

If your cyber security approach is a patchwork of disconnected tools, critical gaps and blind-spots may go undetected, making it impossible to validate.

Since 2013, Guide IT has been partnering with customers to protect their businesses from cyber threats with affordable and scalable cyber security solutions.

As a Perot company, we are committed to delivering excellent customer experience with the highest integrity and service quality, producing outstanding business results.

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How does GuideIT deliver cyber assurance?

Targeted Assessment

Designed to be fast and effective, the EA360™ Cyber Security Assessment provides the playbook for addressing gaps and rationalizing your cyber security approach

Clearly-Defined Strategy

Our expert security analysts work with you to create a Strategic Readiness Plan, taking into account the many factors that make your organization unique

Active Guidance

As a Cyber Securty Partner, we guide our customers through the implementation of security recommendations serving in advisory roles or acting as a Virtual CISO

Data Driven Sec-Ops

Harness analytics to drive Security Operations. Custom security dashboards powered by InsightsTM Analytics enable your teams with the right security data to drive success.

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