Protect Your Business From Email-Based Security Attacks

Organizations face a growing frequency and complexity of email-based security threats as the predominance of targeted attacks begin with an email. Learn how to protect your business.

Who We Are

GuideIT provides IT services that make technology contribute to business success. Our services consist of Consulting, Managed IT, Digital Business, and Cyber Security solutions and are the building blocks from which we contribute to customer value creation. We believe that technology has the most relevance and benefit to a business when its deployed and managed with an industry and business-specific context. Technology has never been more fundamental to business, but it’s also complex and ever-changing, making it difficult to manage. We manage technology, so our customers can focus on making their businesses thrive.

Our Approach

Making technology contribute to your business success drives us. Technology has never been more fundamental to your business, but it’s also complex and ever-changing, making it difficult to manage. We manage technology, so you can manage your business.

Focused – We partner with customers to provide cost-effective technology services that enable the creation of business value.


Straightforward – We simplify the complex with a straightforward, creative and flexible approach that positions IT as a strategic asset.


Accomplished – We inspire confidence through the results we deliver, the expertise we demonstrate and our approach to customer service.

Our Solutions

Our Consulting services bring you new ideas on how to respond to challenges and achieve goals. With our experienced team, we can complete either a major initiative, a critical component of an initiative or provide the expertise necessary for you to get the most out of technology.
With our Managed Services, we operate your infrastructure, applications and service desk to the operational standards you expect for your business, while maximizing the return on investment in technology you receive.
Our Digital Business solutions help you run your business more efficiently, make your ideas for creating new business value a reality and create a dynamic, anytime-anyplace business environment.
Our Cyber Security solutions safeguard your business from malicious cyber threats. We utilize a configurable straightforward approach to protect your data, systems and people for your investment.