EA360™ Cyber Security Assessment

GuideIT Security Assessment provides an independent and comprehensive review of your organizations ability to protect against relevant threats and attacks.

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Our Approach

As technologies continue to advance and cyber-attacks become more complex, the need for organizations to actively protect their data is critical. With GuideIT’s Security Assessment Solution, our team of experts can provide a comprehensive and in-depth review of your organization’s security posture. During the Security Assessment, we will take a holistic approach and test your people, processes and organizations for a rounded view of your overall risk. After all vulnerabilities and threats have been pinpointed, we will provide you with meaningful recommendations on remediating or resolving risks that are based on industry best practices.

How We Do It

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We will work with you to determine the scope of the engagement and define specific objectives associated with determining your current information security posture.

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We will assess your people, process and technologies utilizing a combination of interviewing key personnel and assessing your technical environment using recognized industry leading technology.

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We will keep you informed of any and all issues as they arise, concluding the assessment by providing an executive briefing of our findings and recommendations.

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We will provide meaningful recommendations on remediating or resolving identified risks via an executive summary and detailed findings report.

Case Snapshots

Enhance Cyber Protection

A healthcare organization had their cyber security approach assessed but needed expertise to evaluate the findings and establish a strategy and road map for improvement. We helped the organization rationalize the assessment plan, prioritize actions and investments, and develop a road map for implementation.