Cyber Assurance

GuideIT Cyber Assurance assesses your current cyber security strategy and test key exposure points to provide you with a clear plan for addressing vulnerabilities.

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Our Approach

With the growing complexity of cyber security, understanding the strength of your current program, launching initiatives to address vulnerabilities, and testing the safety of common threat entrance points enable you to pinpoint safeguards and investments. Through GuideIT Cyber Assurance services, we will assess your current cyber security strategy and associated measures and test key exposure points to provide you a clear view into vulnerabilities and a plan to address them.

How We Do It

Case Snapshots

Enhance Essential Infrastructure Security

A national financial investment advisor and benefits firm wanted to enhance their Office365 environment and increase the protection of critical information. We implemented Microsoft Office365 security enhancements to ensure that the organization could collaborate and communicate both effectively and securely, while implementing data loss prevention measures to ensure critical business data remained safe and secure.