Service Desk

Our Service Desk solutions provide technical and clinical support to create an exceptional end-user experience. We meet your performance metrics while delivering a variable, optimized cost structure.

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Our Approach

In an IT-centric world, providing end users with exceptional, cost-effective support strengthens productivity, increases application use, and enhances the overall IT experience. GuideIT services desk solutions, which encompass technical and clinical support, enables you to create an exceptional end user experience and gain accountability to meeting performance metrics while achieving a variable optimized cost structure.

Operations Methodology

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We rearchitect your applications and infrastructure support processes using ITIL framework to create greater efficiency and quality through process and Service Management principles.

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Tier Support

We realign your infrastructure and applications support into a three-tier model, which moves higher-volume, simpler tasks to lower cost Level 1.5 and Level 2 support, while reserving complex tasks for the higher compensation Level 3 support team.

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Standardize & Simplify IT Processes

We help you achieve greater uniformity across the IT environment to simplify support and drive efficiency.

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Deploy Automation & Enhance Self-Service

We help reduce the cost of IT support tasks through automation and enhancing the self-service portal.

Technical Service Desk

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High Availability

Agents available whenever you need support, using the most convenient channel, and scaling to meet your business’s demands.

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Improved Visibility Across All of IT

By filtering all items through the IT Service Desk, the ability to see trends and shift from reactive to proactive resolution.

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Customer Centricity

Service built upon how best to serve your customers. VIP, Physician, and other role-based workflows can be executed to maximize customer satisfaction.

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Continual Service Improvements

Focus in process, knowledge and technology improvements to realize better business outcomes over time.

Clinical Service Desk

Expansion of Clinical Support

Focus on clinician satisfaction through increased First Contact Resolution through speedy, sensitive responsiveness.

Improved Focus on Patient Care

By filtering all Clinical items through the CSD, the ability to see trends and shift from reactive to proactive resolution by providing enhanced triage and knowledge share with “at the elbow” support.

Effectiveness & Efficiency

Maximizing resolvability while understanding critical business services with timely resolution and accurate escalation, if needed.

Continual Service Improvements

Focus in process knowledge and technology improvements to realize better business outcomes over time.

Case Snapshots

Increase Service Desk Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction

A provider of eyecare services experienced rapid growth through acquisition but lacked a scalable support model and the tools to facilitate such growth. The eyecare provider was looking at a 23% increase to service desk expense to meet target operational metrics. We helped them to design, implement and manage a U.S.-based service desk. This new service desk not only prevented the cost increase, it delivered approximately a 20% cost savings while increasing the service desk's satisfaction rating and providing a platform to support future growth.