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Rethink your enterprise security workflow. Our experts take you from assessment to strategy to total assurance with our data-driven Cyber Security approach.

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Data-Driven Cyber Security

Equip you security approach with the right intelligence for data-driven decision support. As a Cyber Security Partner, our process begins with the GuideIT EA360™ Security Assessment, designed to provide a holistic view of your security landscape, internal processes, & procedures that makeup your security posture and organizational health. From there, our experienced Cyber Security experts outline your Strategic Readiness Plan, tailored to the needs of your business while providing the ongoing threat intelligence necessary to run securely in today’s cyber environment.

Take your security from risk to resilience

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Your security is a mess

If your cyber security approach is a patchwork of disconnected tools, critical gaps and blind-spots may go undetected, making it impossible to validate.

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Let’s clean it up

Let us guide you through our proven process. We identify risks and weaknesses to develop a tailored security strategy  suited to the needs of your business.

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Identify & address gaps

The GuideIT EA360 Security Assessment aligns with the NIST and CIS18 Cyber Security frameworks

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Get total visibility

Get ongoing cyber intelligence from our team of cyber analysts for up-to-date decision support.

Assurance every step of the way

Get started by assessing your current risks

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Cyber Security Assessment

Your organization has unique challenges and opportunities. The comprehensive EA360™ Assessment is a valuable tool to help your organization discover, document, and remediate performance & security-impacting issues for the business. Powered by best of breed tools & our proprietary cloud data engine, the EA360™ security assessment is the best starting point for an airtight Cyber Security strategy.

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Cyber Security Leadership

Trent Gibbs

Trent Gibbs

Cyber Security Practice Leader