Managed Infrastructure & Cloud

Our solution enables you to realize a cost-effective dedicated and cloud-based technology infrastructure, increase responsiveness, quality and efficiency, as well as fortify your infrastructure against cyber threats.

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Our Approach

Your technology infrastructure has never been more important but has also never been as complex The traditional physical infrastructure has turned into an array of options such as colocation, hosting, private cloud and public cloud Greater options allows for growing cyber threats that are making infrastructure fortification a strategic imperative We provide a path to the technology infrastructure that best supports and protects your business, while optimizing support expense.

How We Do It

Case Snapshots

Transform Patient Care

A leading health system set out to decrease emergency room admissions and increase Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) savings.

We set up a system that alerted them of “at risk” patients by integrating patient data from multiple sources, applying health-system-defined business rules and refining event-driven automation. This helped to increase MSSP annual shared savings by 70%.

Telecom Services Cost Optimization:

A National Full-Service Benefits provider partnered with GuideIT to reduce costs and improve quality of their telecom services. GuideIT designed a solution to transition the company away from expensive MPLS through implementation of SDWAN and taking advantage of lower costs circuits. The plan reduced their monthly telecom spend by 50% while also improving the performance and resiliency of the network.

Centrally-Managed Networking Solution:

A Regional healthcare Provider was seeking to decrease labor operating costs and improve how the organization handled ongoing management and maintenance. GuideIT designed a networking approach custom-tailored to the customer’s needs and implemented a lower-cost, cloud-managed network across over 200 care centers and 800 devices. The solution reduced IT strain and related expenses by 35% through centralized management while maintaining high availability metrics across the network.